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D-musica 第25弾 『 Close To You 』Grace Mahya (vo)

D-musica 第25弾 『 Close To You 』Grace Mahya (vo)

「あなたが、いつも大きな愛とともに、ありますように。 Grace Mahya」



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Many Thanks
My dear family: Here is our 6th Album! We've come quite a long way now together?! Inspiring, caring, fighting, laughing, crying, helping each other, we are one bounded family. Thank you for always being there. You know me, there will be more dramas and caos to come. Hang tight! (...sumimasen....) Love u guys!!

Daiki Yasukagawa: Our second album together! It's been an honor working with you. It's been quite awhile working together and now making albums together. You are a wonderful musician and producer and a great friend! Thank you.

Hozumi Nakadaira: Thank you for taking my cover again! We have become a true family within these years. Thank you for your love at all times. And your very supportive family, love to you all. Meet at Dug for a late night drink? :)


Thank you Rie and Keito Sonobe for letting me use your place for the photo shoot. Will drop by with the new album very soon.


Thank you to my makeup & hair artist Ms.Shiratori, for doing such a beautiful job.


I'm blessed with so many friends and colleagues, I don't have enough space to thank you all. I met alot of people too, and I believe there's always a meaning to meeting people. I'm looking forward to reconnecting more! It's been a crazy year for me, but I really felt the depth, love and support without consequences from my family and friends. Thank you.



And last but not least, to my fans who's always coming by to my shows, buying my CDs and supporting my music, thank you! Here is to our 6th Album! Hope I can be "Closer To You All" through this album :) Hey, that should've been my Album title!








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