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To all lovers of truly high quality music


D-Musica is a label created by musicians for musicians and listeners who truly love music, in order to produce and distribute music of uncompromising quality.
Our greatest objectives are to provide fresh and brilliant new music, as well as re-release musical gems of the past that tend to be buried with the passage of time.

In an age when markets where people doing business don't even know what each other looks like are expanding, we feel that it is especially important to go back to the basics: to love music that is produced with great care, to listen to one's heart's content, to enjoy the look and feel of the product package, and to keep and cherish it for many years.

We will continue to put our utmost efforts into responding to our listeners thoughts gathered

here regarding each and every D-Musica offering.


D-musica  Daiki YASUKAGAWA